One of the movies with the most immersive and spectacular action of recent times has arrived on Netflix: Carter

One of the movies with the most immersive and spectacular action of recent times has arrived on Netflix: Carter

The new South Korean movie released on Netflix is ​​becoming one of the best releases for fans of action movies.

Thanks to the internationalization of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video, and their strategy of creating content in the countries where they are located, sometimes on the other side of the world small gems of different genres are discovered of cinema that, otherwise, would never have reached our screens.

It has happened with phenomena such as The Squid Game or The Paper House, and now it is happening with Carter, a fast-paced South Korean action thriller that is succeeding on Netflix thanks to its violence and its action without brakes.


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Starring Joo Won, the film tells the story of Carter, who wakes up two months after a deadly pandemic has devastated the United States and North Korea. He has no memories, but he has a mysterious device in his head and a deadly bomb in his mouth.

While a device in his ear gives him instructions to avoid being killed and is able to rescue a hostage, Carter must survive the brutal pursuit of the CIA and a Korean security group that are following him closely. Although neither in Rotten Tomatoes even on IMDb its score does not exceed 60%, critics have praised its way of showing unstoppable action.

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What Carter sets out to accomplish in action, choreography, and scenery, he accomplishes with great aplomb.. However, those looking for a more character-driven story…may find Carter’s 132-minute running time too overwhelming,” says Sara Merican, reviewer for The Verge.

While Kevin Fox Jr. of Paste Magazine notes that “Carter is the proverbial thrill ride and non-stop action that every blockbuster always wants to be.” Carter’s movie is now available on Netflix.





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