Multiversus confirms the arrival of one of the most desired features by players in the future

Multiversus confirms the arrival of one of the most desired features by players in the future

The director of Multiversus anticipates some features and fixes coming soon to the fighting game. Specifically, there is one that Warner Smash Bros players will love.

It’s time for cake. If you like fighting games like Smash Bros, since last July 26 you have a great option on the table. Is about multiversethe free to play with Warner characters and licenses.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Jack the dog, Bugs Bunny or Arya Stark spread the shit in this hilarious fighting game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For now it is a beta version It will be updated with improvements and corrections.

For example, the Bugs Bunny character will be nerfed because of his “high destructive power.” Following the confirmation of EVO 2022, the Multiversus developers have confirmed more news.


MultiVersus – Open Beta Trailer

Although we are not talking about the rumored 19 additional characters (including Daenerys or The Joker), the director of Multiversus has anticipated some improvements that will reach the title.

Through his personal Twitter account, Tony Huyn ensures that a highly demanded feature by Multiversus players will arrive very soon. At this time there are a good handful of fighters complaining about the operation of the title collisions.

Do you know what hitboxes are? In this Hobby Basics we explain it to you, but here is a quick summary: they are boxes that delimit the scope of our attacksand that determine when we can ”collide” with another character.

The director of Multiverse has confirmed that they are still working on the title hitbox system. That is, in the next updates the collisions and the range of the attacks will be improved.


At the moment, Multiversus has certain bugs related to this (attacks that reach without touching, inexplicable falls, checked combos that cannot be stopped…). Tony Huynh promises that they will fix it very soon.

It has even been confirmed that there will be an option to display hitboxes in Multiversus Lab mode. This will be of great help to professional players in tournaments.

It’s not the only thing the guys at Player First Games need to fix. There are certain special attacks that always hit the bullseye, or simply can’t be countered (you’ll know one from Jack from Adventure Time).

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Another novelty that will arrive in Multiversus (it is not yet known when) are the repetitions. It is always appreciated to see the “decisive blow” that ends with our rivals, but these can also be recorded to share with our friends.

Multiversus is available for free at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. It is also possible to activate cross-play to enjoy with users of all platforms, and, who knows, maybe Eleven from Stranger Things will make it to the title in the future.

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