Kevin Feige, James Gunn and Edgar Wright show their support for the directors of the canceled Batgirl

Kevin Feige, James Gunn and Edgar Wright show their support for the directors of the canceled Batgirl

The directors of the film, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have received messages of support from other of their Hollywood peers.

Although it was not one of his most anticipated films by fans, Batgirl it seemed like it was going to open a new door for fans of DC comics not having to be tied to the box office that superhero movies normally have to do and the freedom that their direct premiere on HBO Max meant.

However, we will never see what this new attempt to do things differently translated into, because lThe Batgirl movie was canceled after the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery has launched a new business strategy. A news that surprised both the fans and those involved in the tape who did not know that these were the intentions of the study.


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Of course, this has generated great empathy from other Hollywood personalities who wanted to show their support for directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. “My friends, I just wanted to write to say that we are all with you. Both for the wonderful news of the wedding (congratulations!) and for the disappointing news about Batgirl.”

“We are so proud of the amazing work you guys have done, especially with Ms. Marvel. I can’t wait to see what your next project is. Hope to see you soon.” wrote the CEO of Marvel, Kevin Feige, in a message that has been shared on Instagram by Adil El Arbi, who also recently celebrated his wedding.

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But Feige has not been the only one to speak out, because directors James Gunn and Edgar Wright have also shown their support for El Arbi and Fallah. Despite the fact that his comments have not been made public, El Arbi wanted to thank them through his Instagram after the “kind words they have sent him at this difficult time.”

According to rumours, Warner would have canceled the Batgirl movie after having done several test screenings in which the tape would not have reached scores higher than 60, which would have led the study to consider its viability when saving a little money that could reduce its large debt.

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