John Leguizamo explodes in networks after announcing that James Franco will give life to Fidel Castro

John Leguizamo explodes in networks after announcing that James Franco will give life to Fidel Castro

The actor is going to play the Cuban revolutionary in the film Alina of Cuba directed by the Spanish Miguel Bardem.

Hollywood is increasingly sensitive to the lack of cultural or racial representation in some of its productions, which is why is still surprising when films like Alina of Cuba’s are announced in which James Francoborn in California and with Swedish and Portuguese ancestors, is going to be the one who interprets the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

A casting choice that has not sat well with Colombian actor John Leguizamo, who through his Instagram account has shown his anger with the choice of Franco to play a character who is Latino. “How can this keep happening? How can Hollywood keep excluding us by stealing our own stories?”

No more appropriations by Hollywood or streaming services! Boycott! This is very f***ing, as well as being a very complicated story to tell without aggrandizing the character, which would be a mistake. I have no problem with Franco but he is not Latino!” Leguizamo wrote in an Instagram post along with the news of the actor’s casting.

But the Colombian is not the only one who has been against this film, since the presenter Ana Navarro has also joined the boycott. “I would like to think that no Latino actor would have agreed to play a murderous dictator that has terrorized Cuba for six decades. So for the two reasons you’ve said, I’m also joining the boycott.”

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The movie of Alina of Cuba is really going to focus on Alina Fernández, one of Castro’s daughters who did not know that her father was the dictator until she was 10 years old and her mother, Natalia Revuelta, confessed to her that she had had a passionate affair with the “Comandante”.

Despite his family ties to Castro, Alina has always been one of the most representative voices of Cuban dissidence. However, the most curious thing about the film is that it will be directed by the Spaniard Miguel Bardem, based on a script by José Rivera, who was nominated for an Oscar in his day for the film The Motorcycle Diaries.

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