How to save the lives of all the characters in Digimon Survive

How to save the lives of all the characters in Digimon Survive

Although it seems impossible, we will be able to save all the existing characters in Digimon Survive, although not on the first try.

When the developers said that Digimon Survive would be the darkest title of the license, they were not lying, and that is that throughout the narrative some characters are going to end up dying but we have some ways to avoid it, although we already told you not in a first attempt.

And it is that depending on the decisions we make during the first round in the game, some main characters may end up dead, but luckily we can avoid it in the second round in New Game Plus.

So we’ll tell you all the decisions you need to make for all the characters to live in Digimon Survive and it is possible, although it will cost you a while.


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How to save the lives of all the characters in Digimon Survive

Before reading on, we will tell you that there are spoilers, but this guide will be great for you to enjoy the new plus game and be able to save those characters who end up dying for sure in the first round.

How to save Ryo

In the first round of the game Ryo is destined to die in part 3 regardless of what you do. However, once you complete the game the first time you can save him in the new plus game by increasing your affinity with Ryo to 35 or higher and then of course selecting “we’ll help you” when asked if you want to save him.

How to save Shuuji

Like the previous one, we will not be able to save it in the first round of the game, but after the new plus game. To do this, you must not only increase the affinity to 35 or more with this character, but you must also save Ryo since he will be the character that intervenes to save him this time.

Digimon Survive

how to save everyone

In the first round we will have at least two deaths, but you could also lose other characters. For example Saki and Aoi could end up dying on the wrathful route while Kaito and Miu could both die on the harmony route.

So to save them you must opt ​​for the moral route and then later play the new plus game and save the previous characters that we have pointed out to you, and then continue on the truthful route.

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