Amazon promised Peter Jackson to let him see the Rings of Power scripts but they never came

Amazon promised Peter Jackson to let him see the Rings of Power scripts but they never came

The director wanted to get involved in the new series based on Tolkien’s books but was “ghosted” by the studio.

Despite the fact that they have clarified on numerous occasions that the series of The Rings of Power and The Lord of the Rings movies are on completely different paths, especially since the first takes place many years before the feature films, there was a time when Amazon wanted Peter Jackson to be involved in this new adaptation of Tolkien’s legacy.

However, despite the fact that the director was excited about the project and Amazon promised to send him the first scripts for the series, the relationship did not bear fruit because the studio never contacted Jackson again. “Four or five years ago, they asked me if I’d be interested in getting involved and I said, ‘Do you have the scripts yet?


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“I know how complicated it was to write the scripts for the movies and I didn’t know the writers who were in charge of the series. And they told me: “We don’t have them yet, but as soon as they arrive we’ll send them to you.” So I waited for the scripts to come but they never did.” Jackson told The Business podcast THR.

But as the web publishes, this “ghosting” by the study was not Amazon’s fault but rather other issueslegal because Peter Jackson’s films belong to Warner Bros, and sympathetic, because those in charge of looking after the legacy of JRR Tolkien have never been in agreement with what the director did with the English books.

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The Lord of the ringsThe Lord of the rings

In fact, Christopher Tolkien himself, son of the original author, has repeatedly criticized Jackson’s films assuring that they had “gutted” the books of his father turning them into “children’s action movies” instead of keeping them “beautiful and serious”.

And as on this occasion, Amazon did want to have the Tolkiens, to which it has paid 250 million dollars to be able to use the author’s material, the studio had to decide to end its relationship with Jackson so as not to anger the English. Still, the director doesn’t hold a grudge against them, saying he’s looking forward to seeing the Rings of Power series as “just another Lord of the Rings fan.”

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