5 Curiosities of Bitelchús, the film that united Michael Keaton and Tim Burton

5 Curiosities of Bitelchús, the film that united Michael Keaton and Tim Burton

In the new Movie Trivia video, we take a look at the fantasy film that launched Tim Burton to fame and showcased Michael Keaton’s comedic side.

There are movies that, even if you have only seen them once, remain engraved in your memory forever. Bitelchús is one of those films, well Tim Burton’s second feature film is full of unforgettable moments and characterswhether it’s the Day-o Banana Boat Song or the protagonist’s arrival in the other world.

Premiered in 1988, Bitelchús became one of the highest grossing films of the year, reaching almost six times its entire budget with a collection of more than 84 million dollars worldwide. And that Tim Burton was very clear from the beginning that he was going to spend as little as possible on the digital effects of the film.


5 Curiosities Bitelchus (Beetlejuice)

Despite the fact that the film is one of the great classics of 1980s cinema, at the time it was very difficult to get the cast, because when the actors read the script for Burton’s film they saw it as “strange” They didn’t want to get involved in it. In fact, the only one who jumped in without thinking about it was Geena Davis.

Although it was only recently when there was talk of a sequel to Bitelchús, the truth is that they have been working on it since the time the original film it hit theaters, but other Burton commitments that interested him more at the time, such as the Batman films, caused the project to be abandoned in a drawer.

Rick and Morty, Joker, Danaerys Targaryen, Eleven or Bitelchús, among the Multiversus characters that dataminers advance


Nevertheless It seems that Brad Pitt’s producer, Plan B Entertainment, has taken the project out of the drawer and in a few years we could see a sequel to Bitelchús. Despite the fact that practically everything that is known about this sequel are rumours, such as that Johnny Depp is going to be one of the protagonists, the only thing that seems clear is that both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder would be the protagonists again.

we hope that you like this new installment of Curiosities of cinema dedicated to the world of the dead, and remember that you can leave suggestions for new movies in the comments.





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