Warner CEO announces 10-year plan for DC movies

Warner CEO announces 10-year plan for DC movies

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, has announced a vast expansion of the DC Extended Universe confirming that new DC movies are coming in the next 10 years.

the recent merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery It is already bearing fruit, both for the good and for the bad. Along with the announcement of a new streaming service that will merge HBO Max with Discovery Plus, there is the notorious cancellation of Batgirl by Warner, a film that will not be released in theaters or on HBO Max despite its production being practically finished.

Not long ago we told you how the CEO of Warner confirmed the theories that circulated around the cancellation of Batgirl, which was discarded because it did not fit with the strategic approach of the company to maximize the safe financial return.

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“The goal is to grow the DC brand and characters, but just as importantly, to protect the DC brand. We’re not going to put out a movie unless we believe in it, particularly with DC,” he commented on Warner CEO David Zaslav.

Despite this pothole with Batgirl, from Warner Bros. Discovery they are going to bet heavily on the DC Extended Universe and will try to follow the same strategy as Marvel Studios with its Marvel Cinematic Universe, confirming a 10-year plan for DC movies.

“We’ve done a reset. We’ve structured the business. There will be a team with a 10-year plan focused only on DC. It’s very similar to the structure that Alan Horne and Bob Iger put together very effectively with Kevin Feige at Disney. We believe we could build a much more sustainable long-term growth business outside of DC, and as part of that, we’re going to focus on quality.


DC 2022 Preview – Black Adam, Batman, Aquaman and Flash

We’re not going to release any movies before they’re ready… The focus will be, how do we make each of these movies, overall, the best it can be? DC is something we can improve on, and we’re focused on that right now.. We have some great DC movies coming up. ‘Black Adam’, ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Flash’.

We are working on all of them. We’ve seen them, and we think they’re great, and we can make them even better. That’s what they’re doing Mike [De Luca] and pam [Abdy, los nuevos directores de películas de Warner Bros.]Zaslav declared (via Collider).

So that, Looks like we’ll have more announcements about new DC Extended Universe movies soon. with which to try to improve its chaotic movie plot, something that many fans look forward to. While we wait for more news, here are some of the best adaptations of the comic to the cinema that are not superheroes.





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