They complete the challenge of HALO 2 with a prize of 20,000 dollars that had been listed as “impossible”

They complete the challenge of HALO 2 with a prize of 20,000 dollars that had been listed as "impossible"

A player (who could well be called a hero) manages to complete Cr1TiKal’s challenge in Halo 2 and wins $20,000 thanks to his skill in the Microsoft shooter.

Halo 2 is one of the best microsoft exclusives, and fans of the saga do not hesitate to qualify it as one of the great games of the franchise. It was originally released in 2004 for the first Xbox, although it has also been released on PC, Xbox 360, One, and Xbox Series X|S.

This means that 18 years have passed since the launch of Halo 2. In these almost two decades, no one had managed to overcome an “impossible” challenge. Now we can affirm the opposite.

Streamer Cr1TiKal (real name Charlie White) presented a challenge to the Halo 2 community a few months ago: offered $5,000 to the player who completed the game on Legendary difficulty with 13 skulls activated.


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In case you didn’t know, skulls are items that modify our abilities in Halo 2. They are known to there are a total of 14although until now no one had managed to pass the game with all of them active.

Seeing that no one was able to complete it, this streamer raised the bet to $20,000. And we can already say that a player (rather a hero) has achieved it.

The player JerValiN is, to date, the only person who has managed to overcome this Halo 2 challenge. Of course, this has not only elevated him to the Olympus of gamers, but has also made him win 20 grand.

Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox

throughout almost 6 hours and 30 minutesJerValiN took advantage of different glitches and his incredible talent to find all 14 skulls and complete the quest with all of them active.

He did it alone (essential requirement of the challenge) and on Legendary difficulty. If you’ve ever played Halo 2 at this level, you’ll know that it’s really hard at times.

In the final stretch, this player almost gets beaten by a Brute, but eventually manages to dodge its shots. He reached the final battle of Halo 2 alongside a Banshee, another feat rarely seen in Bungie’s shooter.

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The fourteenth skull, called Envy, replace the flashlight on your weapon with a camouflage system. Very few Halo 2 players have managed to find it.

It is not the first time that JerValiN has made history. He was the first player to achieve a LASO (complete the game with all the skulls and on Legendary) in the entire Halo saga, and also achieved it in a time stamp of 5 to 6 hours. Certainly a modern hero.

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