The Black Adam prequel comic confirms the existence in the DCEU of a very important location

The Black Adam prequel comic confirms the existence in the DCEU of a very important location

DC Comics has published the first issue of the Black Adam prequel, and in that story, the existence of a legendary location from the comics is revealed.

The black adam movie going to be one of the dc premieres most anticipated in recent years. After what happened with batgirland after the reorganization of the franchise under the DC Studios label, the project with the villain could become -perhaps- the rosette stone on which to lay the next steps.

Superhero movies have many incentives when it comes to discovering comic book references. And obviously Black Adam it will not be less. In the trailers we have already had a lot of surprises, references, easter eggs and mysteries. There are many things that are going to be triggered in the the rock movie.

We have seen the presentation of the Justice Society of America (JSA)the appearance of new dc superheroes and many other elements. And more to come, as they advance the comic The Justice Society Files: Cycloneprequel to the film and already available in the US market.

It is common with DC movie premieres that we see comics that function as prequels. In this case, we are told the story of Adrianna Tomaz and her fight against Intergang, which takes place simultaneously with her work as an archaeologist and intellectual.

While Adrianna and one of her colleagues are analyzing a number of artifacts from the past—including a beetle, which is likely to be key to their story—her partner mentions that Markovia has closed its universities. “After the coup,” she says. This is the exact moment we are referring to:

Markovia in the Black Adam prequel

But what is Adrianna’s partner referring to? What the hell is Markovia? Well, for those of you who are less used to dc comicswe are going to explain it to you.

Markovia is a fictional country belonging to the DC Universe that was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo in 1983. More specifically, in the first issue of Batman and the Outsiders. It is about a European monarchy that has been key in DC Comics and was the birthplace of Geo-Force and Terra.

The markovian nation has been one of the constants when narrating multiversal adventures in the DC Comics events. He has also had a presence in the television series Black Lightning, from The CW. And we saw her in the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders. It is a very important place in fiction.

The Rock’s trust with the Black Adam universe

“I am one hundred percent committed not only to Black Adam, but also to the expansion of the Black Adam universe and the DCEU,” Dwayne Johnson recently stated. “I am in love with the word “go”. For me and all of us here, all these universes exist in our heads.”

“I will work, we will work very hard to make sure that we are honoring the mythology. But also giving the fans what they want. I listen to the fans. We all do. And I pick up everything they’re writing.”

“This is the beginning—hopefully fingers crossed—of a long road and a long story. Black Adam may be the jet fuel that now powers this universe.”

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