The best tricks to get gold fast in Multiversus

The best tricks to get gold fast in Multiversus

In this Multiversus guide we tell you how you can get gold or fast money in the game to unlock new characters and content.

Multiversus is killing it, that’s how it is. The fighting game with characters from Warner licenses a la Smash Bros is performing excellently in its early access and many players have been delighted with the first sensations.

And that’s why it’s time to make the most of the game and for that, you have to try all the characters. How I know unlock new fighters in Multiversus? Exact with Prayedone of the in-game currencies.


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The best tricks to get gold fast in Multiversus

The easiest way to get plenty of gold in Multiversus is to play with friends, since everyone receives a 30% bonus when being in the same group. Plus, a positive rating secures an additional 20 gold.

In addition, we can also turn to the Battle Pass and character progression missionse, which also provide ways to earn extra gold quickly. If you level up the characters you will get more and here you can take advantage of the free rotation so you don’t spend what you save with this process.

Of course, we can’t forget that completing game milestones and achievements also has its reward. There is a fairly simple way to guarantee yourself some extra money: win a game every day. This grants an additional 200 gold.

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So now you know: play with friends, rate their performances, keep an eye out for extra challenges that may come with the season, and make sure you win a game to earn extra gold in Multiversus.

As for other news about the game, we recently learned that Stranger Things could have a character in Multiversus. Dataminers have found references to Eleven’s possible appearance in the game.

Don’t miss out on the best way to level up fast in Multiversus. If you want to know the game in depth, do not hesitate to consult our impressions on Multiversus, a title that points to ways.

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