So you can read the first two volumes of The Sandman comic for free now that his series is released on Netflix

So you can read the first two volumes of The Sandman comic for free now that his series is released on Netflix

Just in time for the premiere of The Sandman on Netflix we tell you how you can read its first two volumes of comics for free.

The premiere of The Sandman series on Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most anticipated in recent years, especially by the legion of comics fans, who are now preparing to assess whether or not Netflix’s creation is up to the task. the height of what was expected, something quite difficult to achieve.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t know the story and hasn’t read the comics but is open to doing so, we have good news: you can get The Sandman comics for free thanks to Amazon, at least the first two volumes in EnglishWhat are they Preludes and Nocturnes Y The Doll House.

To do it you just have to sign up for the two-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited, subscription that includes more than a thousand books and comics to read on a Kindle or on any iOS or Android device. You only have to install the Kindle app and enjoy reading.

Try Kindle Unlimited for freeTry Kindle Unlimited for free

Try Kindle Unlimited for free

Sign up now for Kindle Unlimited and try its entire catalog for free. It is a flat rate for books that includes hundreds of titles in various languages ​​and is also available on mobile phones.

Sign up for free

You have 60 days to read the two volumes, which include up to number 16 of the regular series as they were published at the time.

Once the two months are up, the subscription will automatically renew if you have not indicated otherwise. It is priced at 9.99 euros per month and has a catalog that is constantly being renewed.


New trailer for The Sandman, the Netflix series that adapts Neil Gaiman’s comics

It is a good way to try, see and know if you really like it and it is worth going further. You can even read The Sandman comics before watching the Netflix series, though considering that there are already quite a few chapters available on the platform it’s hard to resist the urge.

The reality is that we have already been able to see all the episodes available and our opinion of The Sandman is quite good, and that is that the creation of Neil Gaiman, one of the authors who is having the most success in his adaptations to the small screen.





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