Multiversus announces that we will be able to get the rewards of the beta battle pass later

Warner Bros Clarifies One Of The Most Confusing Aspects Of MultiVersus: Free Character Rotation

Player First Games ensures that the rewards of each battle pass (including the beta) can be obtained later in other ways.

I’m sure you know exactly what it is. a battle pass. It’s normal, because many online multiplayer titles opt for this option (even non-free to play) instead of the criticized loot boxes.

multiverse, the fighting game with Warner characters, is no exception. It is currently available in beta for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but even in this version it already includes a small battle pass.

This battle pass gives access to extra modes, skins, cosmetics, and new characters. On the other hand we have the Founder’s Packs, which grant character tokens to unlock fighters.


MultiVersus – Open Beta Trailer

Yesterday we told you that Multiversus season 1 (and its corresponding battle pass) have been delayed without a date. Initially, its launch was scheduled for August 9, but it will have to wait a while.

Fortunately, the creators of Multiversus have confirmed a feature that has reassured players. This one has to do with both the beta pre-battle pass and Season 1 (and beyond).

The Multiversus Battle Passes will allow you to obtain the rewards later and by other means. That is, even if the season 1 pass expires, we can get the rewards later.


There may be opportunities to unlock some of these items in the game at a later date” confirms Player First Games. Of course this also applies to the Multiversus beta.

This is confirmed on the official website of Multiversus. The news has relieved many players, who have not yet achieved the rewards of the beta or have not considered paying for the battle pass.

This also happens in games like COD Warzone. While you won’t get the rewards in the current season, you can access them later by completing objectives and daily challenges.

Items obtained from a MultiVersus Battle Pass they are not exclusive. There may be opportunities to unlock some of these items in-game at a later date’‘.

Unboxing of the new PS5 cases – We “painted” the console blue, pink and purple


Be careful, this does not mean that all the rewards can be obtained later. Currently the beta battle pass includes the Iron Giant beach skin or a unique skin for Steven.

Multiversus is available for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Here we tell you how to play the 1v1 mode and other additional ones, despite the fact that the 2v2 mode is the most common for the community.

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