Microsoft will improve printing in Windows 10 22H2

Microsoft mejorará la impresión en Windows 10 22H2

Although currently the focus of updates with new features falls on Windows 11, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Windows 10 and, consequently, continues to work to bring improvements to what, today, and with the prospect of not changing in the short term, continues to be the most widely used operating system, with a 72.23% of total computers equipped with some version of the Microsoft operating system.

This can be seen as good or bad news, as a good part of the current Windows 10 users who could have jumped to Windows 11 but have decided not to, They have made this decision because of the stability it currently provides. And we are talking about an operating system that has already been highly polished over the years, something that we cannot yet say about Windows 11, although obviously it will also come over time.

Be that as it may, and as I said before, Microsoft intends to continue bringing news to Windows 10 and as far as we can read on WindowsLatest, there is a new novelty on the way, which is already available in build 19044.1806 (KB5014666), currently in the preview channel and, given the dates, it is quite likely that it will arrive with the already more than confirmed Windows 10 22H2 update. And, this is interesting, it’s a feature that makes the jump from Windows 11 to its predecessor.

Specific, this new feature allows you to assign a PIN to a print job. What is it used for? So that the printer keeps the job in memory but does not print it until we type the PIN in it. This function offers, therefore, a great improvement in terms of privacy, especially if we use shared printers in public spaces, whatever they may be.

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