Life is Strange True Colors writer can’t imagine going back to episodic format

Life is Strange True Colors writer can't imagine going back to episodic format

Life is Strange abandoned the episodic format with the release of True Colors, and it seems to be a definite change: Deck Nine’s writer highlights its many advantages over the old model.

Life is Strange was one of the most groundbreaking games of the PS3/360 generation, a evolution of graphic adventures with great dramatic charge, diverse characters and stories and a very cinematographic presentation. However, one of its peculiarities has gone out of style: the episodic format.

Don’t Nod’s first two Life is Strange were episodic, rolling out over the course of months. But the latest installment, developed by Deck Nine, was released in “bill”, like a traditional game, come on.

Life is Strange: True Colors, released in September 2021, was still divided into 5 chapters, but they were part of a single, “premium” value release. And the reception was very positive, so much so that the episodes are now history.


Review of Life is Strange: True Colors

I can’t imagine going back to the episodic model. The reception has been very positive.“said Philip Lawrence, senior narrative director at Deck Nine. “This is the most consistent and organic way.

I think from a creative standpoint, it helped us focus on developing a story, polishing the scripts, and then producing the game. We didn’t have the awkwardness of the episodic model where you’re rushing production on the first episode and then moving on to the next..”

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Lawrence does point out that, although the game was not released episodically, it was structured in five chapters, to make it similar to previous Life is Strange games and give fans the option to play it like before, stopping after each episode if they want to discuss it with the community.

We were careful to leave the structure of the episodes, because that seems to please people. It is part of the DNA of Life is Strange. As you can imagine, it was a decision that we argued about a lot, but I think it was the right decision.“.

Upcoming Life is Strange Games will depend on Square Enixwhich is the one that has the rights, and Deck Ninesince Don’t Nod, its creators, have gone on to develop their own games (and have up to six projects underway).

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