HBO Max will be replaced in 2023 by a new service combined with Discovery Plus

HBO Max will be replaced in 2023 by a new service combined with Discovery Plus

Like their respective companies, HBO Max and Discovery Plus will be merging into a new streaming service coming next year.

the recent merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery has brought with it several negative consequences, being among the most notorious the cancellation of Batgirl by Warner, a film that will not be released in theaters or on HBO Max despite the fact that its production is practically finished.

But it will also have its good things, since The arrival of a new streaming service has been announced that will replace HBO Max and Discovery Plus, bringing together all their content on a single platformwhich will mean more movies and series for its users.

Sign up for HBO Max SpainSign up for HBO Max Spain

Sign up for HBO Max Spain

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.


He has been the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslavwho has announced the arrival of this new streaming service (still without an official name) for next year (via TheVerge).

“HBO Max has a competitive feature set, but has had performance and customer issues,” Zaslav said, stating that Discovery Plus has a better technology stack and would become the core of the new service that will combine HBO Max content with Discovery Plus content and technology.

Nevertheless, this might not be so good in Spain, where we have only been enjoying WarnerMedia’s streaming service for a year. One of the main claims of HBO Max Spain was the succulent subscription offer in which for a limited time a rate was offered at half price forever.

But of course, if HBO Max becomes part of a completely new streaming service, this would mean that everyone who subscribed to the platform during the first month will no longer benefit from said offer. Unless, of course, prices stay the same (something unlikely) or an equally juicy introductory offer is made with the new streaming service.

The new platform that will merge HBO Max with Discovery Plus will be operational from summer 2023, although at the moment it is not clear if it will occur at the same time throughout the world or if it will gradually reach different regions. Meanwhile, here we recommend the best HBO Max short series to watch in a weekend.

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