Go back to school early and get Windows 10 for €12 with lifetime validity

Go back to school early and get Windows 10 for €12 with lifetime validity

Did you know that it is no longer necessary to risk the security of your data by pirating software? Not even when we talk about Windows or Microsoft Office, two of the attack vectors most used by cybercriminals over the years. How do you do then to pay what an original license costs?

Very simple: the download is done directly from the provider’s website, that is, the official page of Windows or Microsoft Office; you install the software with complete peace of mind… and when it asks you to enter the license, instead of looking for strange things on the Internet… you buy it… at 90% discount!

It is not a joke. Today you can get 100% original Windows and Microsoft Office licenses valid for life for less than what it costs you to dine at a hamburger restaurant. We are talking about Windows 10 licenses for 12 euros, Windows 11 for 18, Microsoft Office for 23, 40 or 44 euros, depending on the version you want.

Simply choose the package that suits you best and follow the instructions below. Look what discounts:

If you wonder how it is possible to get original licenses at these prices, the answer is simple: thanks to specialized resellers such as Supercdk, our trusted digital key store; because it is an OEM license that they buy in large batches, thus achieving unbeatable prices; since you are reading MC.

Indeed, just for being an MC reader you have an additional 30% discount on the regular prices of Supercdk. The only thing you have to do is redeem coupon «VERY» before completing the purchase process. You will then see how the price of the product you have chosen is equal to those of the list above.

By steps:

  1. Enter the store and register as you would in any other site, making sure to enter the data correctly.
  2. Add the product or products that interest you to the shopping cart.
  3. Enter the mentioned coupon of “MUY” (without the quotes) in the “promotion code” field.
  4. You can see the result in the following image…:

Once you have completed the purchase process and made the payment, you will immediately receive the key of the product you purchased both in the email address with which you registered in the store, and in your customer section of the store itself. It has no loss.

All you have to do is use it to activate the software… or save it for when it suits you best, be it today, in a month or next year: remember that it is valid for life.

How to activate Windows with your original license

Now, if, for example, you have bought a Windows license to use it already, you don’t have to wait either. You can use it during the installation of the system, since the wizard itself will tell you when to enter the password. Although you can also activate it later. No hurry.

To activate Windows with the system already installed, type in the menu search engine “activate Windows” (without the quotes) and the first result will take you directly: “see if Windows is activated”. On the screen that opens, you will see a link that says “Change product key”. Enter the password there and…voila! Your Windows is activated.

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