Getting Nopon Doubloons and how they are used in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Getting Nopon Doubloons and how they are used in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

All the methods and ways to get Nopon doubloons in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a currency with a specific use that will make your life easier.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It has several currencies that are used to buy accessories, and knowing them all is key to getting the most out of this JRPG. Unlike G Coins, nopon doubloons are earned in much smaller amounts, and therefore they are most appreciated for their great utility.

Nopon doubloons (which have gold and silver variants) serve as a “wild card” in case you don’t have enough items or ingredients to cook a dish, complete a quest from the collectionpedia, or craft a gem.

The nopon doubloons, therefore, will save you from farming and the desperation of not finding just the ingredient you are missing. How do you get nopon coins in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Getting Nopon Doubloons and how they are used in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nopon coins are used to forge gems, cook, raise class levels (only class levels, not character levels), and complete cards in the Collectionpedia.

To level up a class, you must do it from the class menu, pressing Y you will see the option to use nopon doubloons. Gem forging and cooking must be done at camps. Collectopedia cards are found in a tab in the Quests menu (you also need to press Y to redeem nopon doubloons).

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Generally, their use is as a substitute for a material or ingredient that we do not have, but there is also a business where we can use them as currency: it is a Nopon merchant in the Fornis regionwhich you will meet from Chapter 4. With it you can buy rare items and accessories in exchange for silver and gold nopon doubloons.

You can get nopon doubloons in the following ways:

  • yellow containers scattered around the map and colonies (they are usually in hard to reach places or guarded by a blue rank monster)
  • As a reward of skirmishes (by choosing a side you can see which side you must support to earn doubloons)
xenoblade chronicles 3xenoblade chronicles 3
  • Rewards in Ferronis containers that you revive with ether
  • Complete side quests
  • defeat the monsters yellow rank, the toughest, which can drop rewards such as nopon doubloons, as well as marking a fast travel point

That is everything you need to know about the methods to get nopon doubloons in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and its uses. The Monolith title is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch from July 29.

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