Crush on video games in our Hobby Podcast, have you fallen in love with a character?

Crush on video games in our Hobby Podcast, have you fallen in love with a character?

This week we dedicate our Live and Hobby Podcast to the video game characters we’ve “fallen in love” with. Crazy confessions from our team.

It may be the suffocating heat of summer, or simply that we have lost our minds, but we had never dared with a Podcast so intimate in Hobbyconsolas. What are we talking about? Well, from a special program that we have dedicated to our video game “crushes”.

What is a crush? Well, it becomes the way in which the new generations refer to crushes, those characters that have seduced us, either because of their physical attractiveness or because of their personality. Can we fall in love with a virtual character?

Our regular talkers, David Rodrínguez (Twitter: @david_taiko), David Lorao (@Goonielor), Álvaro Alonso (@Alvaroalone_so) and David Martínez (@DMHobby) get “wet” with those characters that have stolen their hearts, both in current and “retro” games.


Our video game crush LIVE!

And we guarantee that live you will find some surprise (and with a huge troll by one of our guests).

Like every week, the main theme of our Direct Hobby and Hobby Podcast is completed with theThe news of video games (including nintendo financial results or the news of the Pokémon Presents)

And our guests tell us what games they have dedicated the week to, with some of the latest reviews we have published, such as Two Point Campus or Sword and Fairy, and also movies like the extravagant RRR.

You can listen to our Podcast here, directly from this news:

Here you have it available from the Spreaker platform, but we also upload our Hobby Consoles podcast to all these platformsso that you have where to choose.

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And remember that we accept suggestions about upcoming topics to be discussed in our live shows and podcasts! We will be designing the programs for each week, but we would like to get the wisdom of Hobby-readers.

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