Bayonetta 3 Reveals New Plot Details In Its Australian Age Rating

Bayonetta 3 Reveals New Plot Details In Its Australian Age Rating

The Nintendo Switch exclusive lands in stores on October 28, and has already been age-rated in Australia (with plot details included).

Attention, lovers of magic and the most frenetic action. Bayonetta 3 is one of the great AAAs of this 2022, and we already know that it will be available next October 28 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The title of platinumgames It will have all the ingredients that we love from the saga: a lot of action, invocations, black magic, demons and even hot moments, which we can hide in No Horny mode.

Be careful, you can now prepare your Nintendo Switch, because Bayonetta 3 will occupy almost all the space of the internal memory of the console. and that without counting the very possible DLCs that will arrive in the coming months.


Bayonetta 3 – Gameplay Trailer with Release Date

Bayonetta 3 will sport a lustrous +18 on the European Age Rating Body (known as PEGI). The game has also been rated in Australia, showing a MA+15.

The most curious thing about the Australian rating for Bayonetta 3 is not this. Nor the moderate impact on violence, sex, nudity or ”tacos”. Surprisingly there will be no reference to drugs and similar substances.

On the Bayonetta 3 tab via Australian Classification Board we can discover new plot details of the game… unpublished to date. We do not know if it is intentional, but they are aspects that had not been discussed to date.

Yes, we knew that in this adventure Bayonetta, her demon Cheshire and the apprentice witch Viola would travel the world fighting against the Homunculi.

Bayonetta 3

These man-made beings will threaten every corner of the Earth. Until now we did not know the origin of these biologically modified creatures, but the description in the Australian body has gone into detail.

If you don’t want to know anything about the plot of Bayonetta 3, please we ask you not to read the following texttaken out of Australian Classification Board website. (SPOILERS)

Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure game in which human characters travel through a series of fantasy environments, fighting monsters called homunculi and an evil being known as Singularity. Players must head to an island, Thule, to stop the Singularity from destroying the known worlds.”.

As you can read, we now know that the Homunculi are not the work of man as such, but from an evil entity called The Singularity. The objective of this being is to destroy all the worlds of the universe.

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Although we will travel to China, Tokyo and other cities, the central point of Bayonetta 3 takes place on the island of Thule. Who is The Singularity? Place your bets…

Bayonetta 3 will hit stores next October 28, available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game will have a special Masks of the Trinity edition that includes a 200-page art book, and later this year The first Bayonetta will be released for Switch in physical format.

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