A study reveals which is the favorite console on social networks

A study reveals which is the favorite console on social networks

This study comes to tell us exactly which are the most popular consoles on social networks, with some surprises.

Although the console war is no longer the same as before where there was a great rivalry between Nintendo and Sega, and later between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, the truth is that today coexistence is much healthier in the market, most practically sharing licenses and not differing excessively in exclusivities, with the exception of Nintendo.

And now a new study has come to make it very clear what are the most commented consoles on social networksand when we talk about social networks we mean not only Instagram, but also Reddit, TikTok and YouTube.

The study carried out by topratedcasinosvia gameranthas determined which are the consoles that people talk about the most in these commented social networks, and while the sales figures of a console can determine its popularity in the market, the fact that it is named more often in certain networks make their popularity with the public clearer.


Nintendo Switch OLED – Announcement Trailer

In this study it is made clear that Playstation 4 It is the most popular console today, at least the one that is most talked about on social networks, followed by Xbox One in second place. This is quite logical given that these systems have a large installed base of consoles on the market and titles for them are still coming out.

Third figure Playstation 5in fourth place Switch and many other consoles from past generations follow.

  1. Playstation 4
  2. Xbox One
  3. Playstation 5
  4. Switch
  5. Playstation 3
  6. game boy
  7. Wii U
  8. Playstation 2
  9. Xbox 360
  10. xbox series x

It is surprising that Xbox Series X is in last place, even behind past systems like PlayStation 3, Game Boy, Wii U, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, but it may also be due to the fact that there are currently few units sold and that it is also It has a name that may not be written in its entirety on this type of network.

Be that as it may, Microsoft does not currently offer sales data for its consoles, so from the current systems we know informally that more than 111 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold and that PlayStation 5 has already shipped more than 20 million units so far.

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