5 little-known features of the Netflix app, but highly recommended

5 little-known features of the Netflix app, but highly recommended

If you are a Netflix user to watch multimedia content, we will tell you about a series of little-known tricks with which to get more out of the most popular online streaming platform in the world.

With over 200 million users all over the world Netflix has become the most popular platform, however it seems that for the first time in its history it is starting to lose users.

There are many tricks for Netflix, from the possibility of seeing more categories than the original ones, to even the option of randomly choosing the next content to watch for us.

In this article we are going to list nothing less than 5 little known tricks with which you can get more out of your subscription.

To view content without spending data

When you are away from home, at the beach or pool, watching a series or a movie will consume a large part of your data rate and that is why it is smart to use this function.

There is the possibility of downloading this content as soon as you are connected to your WiFi and being able to see it later from the Netflix mobile app without the need to spend even a kilobyte of your connection.

It will therefore be possible to even view content when you are without a Wi-Fi or data connection, such as on a plane.

Netflix on mobile

From within the mobile app you can download content from movies or documentaries to series no problem using the option, that arrow-shaped button.

To watch content, you can simply open the Netflix mobile app on your device and tap the download option.

If you want to kill time, you can access hidden games

Netflix has been releasing games as we have been commenting and are available on the mobile versions of Netflix for iOS or Android.

To access them you can use the application store on your mobile or simply from your Netflix mobile application, press the option Games from the bottom menu or search for “games” and a first sliding row appears in which all the Netflix games are listed.

Netflix already has video games and you can access them in the following wayNetflix already has video games and you can access them in the following way

There are many types of games, most of them are casual games and there are even games set in some of the company’s movies and series.

Netflix roulette, if you don’t know what to watch choose for you

Surely you have found yourself in the situation of wanting to watch something but you can’t make up your mind. Netflix is ​​a platform where there is a lot of content and you may not find what you want to see at the moment.

There are different websites that allow you to choose for you. In some like netflix roulette you can filter by genre or IMDB score, or just pick a random one.

In others What bestflix you simply choose movie or series and it gives you an option to watch.

Surely they will help you to choose and reduce those dead times we spend in front of the entire list of contents trying to choose.

Third party extensions to improve the experience

One of the features to take into account of Netflix is ​​that it is compatible with extensions that can complete the viewing experience.

One of the best extensions is Netflix Party for Chrome that allows to synchronize the contents remotely and to be able to see, from different places the same movie or series at a time.

netflix partynetflix party

There is even a chat for you to comment on what you are seeing.

here you can see some of the most important extensions and some even skip the reminders of previous chapters and skip the “want to continue watching” messages.

Use secret codes to find hidden contents

The main categories of Netflix are perhaps too broad in theme and that is why if you do not remember the title of a movie it will be difficult to find it.

Fortunately there are secret category codes and if you search for those codes, the results of that topic are listed. Here the complete list.

For example, if we search for 72436 we will see movies related to food, or if we search for 13335, we will see content related to musicals or music.

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