The team of La Casa del Dragón was very careful not to repeat the “Starbucks moment” on the set

The team of La Casa del Dragón was very careful not to repeat the "Starbucks moment" on the set

To avoid repeating one of the biggest mistakes of Game of Thrones, the production team of The House of the Dragon was very attentive on the set to possible cups of Starbucks in the middle of the shot.

You can be a series with an impressive production quality and a huge success around the world, but as you make a goof of epic proportionsthat will be the most talked about for a long time.

That was what happened to Game of Thrones in its last season, where in one of its episodes a Starbucks cup was sneaked in that, far from being minimally hidden, was in plain sight on the set.

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It is because of that The production team of Game of Thrones: The House of the Dragon has been very attentive on the set of the HBO Max series to avoid repeating the same mistake of yesteryear.

In a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnikshowrunners and executive producers of Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, admitted that they were on high alert not to miss the Starbucks cups on the set of the series.

They have been so attentive that even Sapochnik joked that viewers can win a cup of coffee if they find Starbucks cups that have been digitally capped..

“We had a very guarded set, there was a lot of hunting for Starbucks. We always joked about it, that we were going to make Starbucks cups so that they would at least fit into the scene,” Condal stated.

“We left coffee cups where we could and then digitally painted them. See if you can see where the Starbucks cups were that we digitally removed after the fact, and if you can find one, there’s a prize. A cup of coffee,” Sapochnik said. as a joke.


Returning to Westeros: A behind-the-scenes look at Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon

Set a few hundred years before the original series, the plot of the The House of the Dragon series It will focus on the conflict between two rival factions of the House of Targaryen and their struggle for power, narrating the events that led to what is known as the Dance of Dragons.

They make up the cast of The House of the Dragon Emma d’Arcy (Breaking the Rules, Truth Seekers, Hanna), matt smith (Doctor Who, Morbius, State Secrets), Paddy Considine (The Visitor, The Third Day, Informer), Olivia Cooke (Pixie, Sound of Metal, Ready Player One), Eve Best (Destination: The Winx Saga, Lucky Man) and Fabien Frankel (The Serpent, Pistol).

They complete the cast Rhys Ifans (The King’s Man: The First Mission), Sonoya Mizuno (Devs), Steve Toussaint (Small Axe), Graham McTavish (Outlander), Milly Alcock (The Twilight), Ryan Corr (Wakefield), Jefferson Hall (Devs), Emily Carey (Wonderwoman), David Horovitch (The nun), Graham McTavish (blood red sky), matthew needham (Sanditon) and Bill Paterson (Rebeca).

Considered as “a worthy successor to Game of Thrones” according to the first reactions of the series, The House of the Dragon will premiere in the HBO Max Spain catalog on August 22, 2022. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best HBO Max exclusive series that cannot be seen on any other platform.

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