The directors and the actress of the canceled Batgirl speak out on social networks, but avoid any controversy

The directors and the actress of the canceled Batgirl speak out on social networks, but avoid any controversy

Leslie Grace, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have not wanted to enter into controversy after learning of Warner Bros.’s decision to cancel the Batgirl movie.

It has been one of the most talked about topics of the week. On Wednesday afternoon, Warner Bros. Discovery announced the sudden cancellation of the Batgirl movie.

Despite having invested close to $90 million to produce the film and that the film was in full post-production, the studio decided to unceremoniously shelve the project.

It has been talked about long and hard since the news was known, but the most expected reactions were, of course, those of its protagonist and directors.

Leslie Gracewho would have become Barbara Gordontook to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes images and videos, while also thanking the fans for their support and the work of the entire team.

Dear family! After the recent news about our Batgirl movie, I am proud of the love, hard work and intention of all of our incredible cast and tireless crew who gave their all on this film for 7 months in Scotland.

I am honored to have worked among greats and built lifelong relationships in the process! To all Batgirl fans: THANK YOU for your love and belief, allowing me to take the cape and become, as Babs would say, ‘my own fucking hero!’“.

The news caught the directors of Batgirl, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, celebrating the wedding of the first in Morocco. However, they did not take long to make a statement about it (via The Hollywood Reporter).

As directors, it is essential that our work is shown to the public. Although the film was far from finished, we hope that fans around the world have the opportunity to see and embrace the final film for themselves. Maybe one day they will, God willing“.

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for now, Warner Bros Discovery has shelved the Batgirl movie, along with the sequel to Scooby! which was also in post-production.

These movements respond to the change of course that the company is taking, while responding to the need to avoid extravagant expenses by Warner.

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