Oscar Isaac advances through TikTok that there will be a second season of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac advances through TikTok that there will be a second season of Moon Knight

A TikTok video featuring Mohammed Diab and Oscar Isaac appears to confirm that Marc Spector will return with a second season of Moon Knight.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It kicked off on March 30 with Moon Knight, the first UCM series of the year.

oscar isaac became Steve Granta British Museum worker who suffers from dissociative personality disorder, something that makes him have to take extreme measures in his day to day life.

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One of Steven’s personalities is Marc Specter, a ruthless mercenary with a fuzzy sense of right and wrong. To add insult to injury, Marc has a deal with Khonshu, the Moon God of Ancient Egypt.

In exchange for giving him a fraction of his power and healing armor, Khonshu demands that Marc become his avatar on Earth to do his bidding.

Moon Knight Season 1 saw Steven/Marc, trying to stop Arthur Harrow as Ethan Hawke resurrect to Ammyt, Eater of the Dead.

This journey through the mythology of Ancient Egypt garnered critical acclaim, as did Oscar Isaac’s superb performance and his diverse personalities.

However, Moon Knight has been a series blatantly disconnected from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and everything seemed to point to only one season.

It seemed that way, until now. A TikTok video has revealed Moon Knight showrunner Mohammed Diab and Oscar Isaac in Cairo.

The question is clear:there will be a second season? Diab is surprised, but Oscar Isaac is much more direct: “Why else would he be in Cairo?“. Diab himself shared the video on his Facebook profile. Twitter.

It is true that this is not a confirmation, but it seems the most likely conclusion to bring together showrunner, star and location.

Marvel has unveiled a ton of projects at San Diego Comic-Con, but it still has a lot of holes to fill. It is possible that, if the second season of Moon Knight is confirmed, it will be done at Disney’s D23 in September.

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