Nintendo confirms there will be no Switch Pro or new console in fiscal year 2023, despite rumors to the contrary

Nintendo confirms there will be no Switch Pro or new console in fiscal year 2023, despite rumors to the contrary

The Nintendo Switch Pro, the company’s rumored upgraded console, would not launch during fiscal 2023. A new report has made it clear that we won’t be getting a new console in the coming months.

For some time we have been hearing a lot of rumors and speculations that talk about the release of an improved console by Nintendoa more powerful version of the successful Switch that we now have with us.

Of course, none of this has come to fruition yet, since last year all that talk translated into the presentation and premiere of Switch OLED, the console model with a new screen and some improvements in storage and more.

Although since then Rumors about Switch Pro have proliferated again and some even pointed to an announcement at the end of the year, although this does not seem to end well for those who are waiting for this announcement.

Recently, the Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki has made reference to an article in the well-known Nikkei media where it is commented that There will be no new Nintendo hardware this fiscal year, which ends in March 2023.

The informant commented that it is not clear, at the moment, if that part of the article is from the Nikkei report itself or what was said by the president of Nintendo, to whom Nikkei interviewed for the article, although one user pointed to the words of the company’s CEO:

Normally, you would stock inventory in the summer to be ready for the end of the year, when it is at its peak. This summer we have not been able to produce as much as in previous years. Even if we can produce the volume that we want, I’m not optimistic that we can sell it all.

Therefore, it seems clear that We won’t have a new console launch until at least April 2023. Of course, it will be necessary to continue waiting for an announcement, if there is such a rumored improved console. Do you think that Nintendo Switch Pro will end up arriving at some point?

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To all this we must add the recent reports issued by the company and that Nintendo Switch already exceeds 111 million consoles, but falls 23% in sales, according to its financial results.

In addition, the company has commented that the growth of Switch Online subscriptions has “moderated” due to the fact that there are several Switches in each household, something that has been discussed in the past.

Be that as it may, sales continue to leave large numbers. Nintendo updated the top 10 best-selling Switch games recently with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe reaching 46.82 million copies sold.

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