Mario Kart 8 Deluxe could receive six totally new circuits in its next DLC

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe could receive six totally new circuits in its next DLC

Datamines find out which consoles the next Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Extra Tracks Pass DLC circuits will come from… and if the theory holds true, there will be 6 totally new circuits, 10 from Tour, 4 from GameCube… but none more from Nintendo 64.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has received today this week the second installment of the Extra Clues Pass, which will double the size of the game with 48 new circuits, divided into 8 cups and six heats (there are four other installments to be released during 2022 and 2023). They are all retro circuits, from other deliveries… or almost all of them.

When the first batch came out, in March, the user fishguy6564 found information in the game files that anticipated what the next DLC circuits would be… or at least, what platform they belonged to.

He did not find the names of the circuits, but the Prefixes (SNES, GBA, 3DS, Tour, etc), which indicated which platform they were from (Mario Kart Super Circuit, Double Dash, Mario Kart 7…). And now that the circuits of the two cups have come out, we see that he was right.

The prefixes of the circuits of the Turnip and Helicopter Cups (Tour, SNES, N64 and DS; Tour, GBA and Wii) coincide with the circuits that have ended up coming out. The last circuit did not have a prefix… because it turned out to be a totally new circuit, Frozen Skiesalthough it will also be released in Mario Kart Tour at a later date.


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Assuming that all prefixes for all cups are correct (and there have been no last-minute changes), we can guess which platforms the circuits for the next eight remaining cups belong to.

And assuming that circuits without a prefix are new, then we can expect the following:

  • 1 SNES circuit
  • No Nintendo 64 Circuit
  • 3 Game Boy Advance tracks
  • 4 Game Cube circuits
  • 2 Nintendo DS circuits
  • 4 Wii Circuits
  • 2 Nintendo 3DS circuits
  • 10 Tour circuits (mobile)
  • 6 new circuits

Knowing this would help a lot to guess which historical circuits of the saga will be included in the game, and which will be left out. Specifically, the order in which they would come out in the next cups would be this:

  • Rock Cup: Tour, DS, GBA, 3DS
  • Moon Cup: Tour, GameCube, New, 3DS
  • Fruit Cup: Tour, Wii, DS, New
  • Boomerang Cup: Tour, GameCube, GBA, Tour
  • Leaf Cup: Tour, Wii, GBA, Tour
  • Cherry Cup: Tour, GameCube, SNES, New
  • Acorn Cup: Tour, Wii, New, New
  • Blue Shell Cup: Tour, GameCube, New, Wii
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Be careful, it should be noted that circuits without a prefix, even if they are new, may be also tour circuits. One of the circuits from the first batch, the Ninja Mansion, did not have a prefix, perhaps because Nintendo developed it as a new circuit for the DLC… although it had already appeared before in Mario Kart Tour.

What do you think of this selection? It is striking that there would be no more Mario Kart 64 circuits, one of the most beloved deliveries, although in exchange there would be four Double Dash circuits, the GameCube game.

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