Koch Media changes its name and becomes PLAION

Koch Media changes its name and becomes PLAION

The well-known editor of the ”chicks” will be called PLAION from now on. The change is due to the international expansion of the company, owned by Embracer since 2018.

Koch Media is one of the best known publishers in the Spanish video game industry. Many AAA games arrive in our stores from the German-Austrian company, whose origins date back to 1994.

Surely you have ever heard of the friendly chicks of Koch Media. His social media accounts are known to many gamers, mainly for his sense of humor and ease of communication (especially on Twitter).

Koch Media has been owned by the Embracer Group (the gigantic European company) since 2018. Despite its weight in the European industry, the intentions of its board go through expanding internationally.


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Hereinafter, Koch Media will be renamed PLAION. This new name is pronounced ”play on”, and is due to a clear phonetic aspect beyond European borders.

In addition to the name change, Koch Media adopts a new logo in shades of green. The P that symbolizes the new name indicates the openness of the company and its clear focus on video games.

Below you can see the PLAION Spain tweet:

Today is an exciting day in the history of Koch Media, we changed our name and became PLAION”. It is a historic day for the publisher and her future in the video game industry.

The name change decision was taken independently. Embracer did not pose any problem, although the CEO of PLAION assures that they would have changed the name if they had not convinced Embracer.

Another reason that justifies the name change is the static posture of the editor. They recognize that Koch Media should have changed their logo much earlier, since they have been maintaining the original for more than 20 years.

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For more than 20 years we have kept the same logo. I think now was really the time to take into account our global nature, the nature of our modern business setup and our ambitions to grow even bigger and be a powerhouse in digital entertainment globally.”.

What do you think about Koch Media’s name change? Beyond this, PLAION will continue to be one of the most recognizable publishers in Europe… and they will surely maintain the sensational sense of humor that characterizes them.

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