Joker 2 could be a musical, but it’s not the first movie to try this risky move.

Joker 2 could be a musical, but it's not the first movie to try this risky move.

Among the few details of Joker: Folie à deux that are known, are the rumors that the Joaquin Phoenix movie could be a musical.

There is an inherent risk in putting musical numbers in depending on which movies, but Todd Phillips could plunge them into the sequel to his hit 2019 Joker movie.

This week we learned that Joker: Folie à deux will be released five years after the first, in October 2024. The film will reunite Phillips with joaquin phoenix.

One of the most talked about aspects are the rumors that Joker: Folie à deux could be a musical movie. The first film already used the mental state of its protagonist to insert a couple of dance scenes that fit quite well, although it is always a risky maneuver.

And it is that it is not the same to make a pure musical film, like The city of the stars (La la land) than to force a dance number, or song, on a large scale, which, on some occasions, generates embarrassment. to the public.

There are several movies that have resorted to this colorful strategy to bring a different touch to it. Among the cases that follow the narrative and do not seem like a goop in the film, we could count the case of Bigthe iconic film Tom Hanks whose giant keyboard scene you have right now in mind.

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There is also the sequence of Wise Up by Magnoliadrenched in rain, with the characters singing the song of Aimee Mann.

Other iconic scenes would be, for example, Tom Cruise’s dance in gayumbos in Risky Business to the rhythm of Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock’n’Roll.

Other films like Slumdog Millionaire they leaned on their setting to include dance sequences because “they were in the neighborhood and the thing came up”.

Other times, the movie decides to send you off with an infamous song and dance number that makes you get up out of your seat and walk away, right? Snow White (Mirror, mirror)?

The Joker touch, using the increasingly shattered personality of Anthur Fleck, had a good result. Do you think that abusing the musical genre in Joker 2 can ruin the movie?

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