How to know which is the real Agumon in Digimon Survive

How to know which is the real Agumon in Digimon Survive

Do you doubt which of the Digimon Survive Agumon is the real one? Well, in this guide we help you distinguish between the real and the fake at a certain point in history.

If you are playing Digimon Survive you may be asked doubts about the different elections that the game has for us throughout its history (which are not exactly few). One of them is to identify a series of Digimon.

This happens throughout Part 5. Players are going to have to make a few decisions. First of all you will have to agree with Shuuji or Minoru about taking Haru and Miyuki to the underground waterways. Once there you will have more choices:

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How to know which is the real Agumon in Digimon Survive

Once you reach the underground canal, Takuma and the rest of the group will find themselves surrounded by a mysterious mist that will eventually render them senseless. When you wake up, you will find yourself alone and you will have to locate your lost companions.

Little by little you will meet some, including Agumon, but not everything is what it seems and this is where you will have to make important decisions. soon you will have to Choose which of the two Agumon in front of you is the real one and which one is the impostor.

The truth is that you are given some clue to know which is the real Agumon, but you just have to analyze what Takuma says, which points out that one of the two Agumon is a bit dark. Thereforeyou must choose the one on the right of the scene. That’s the real one.

After this decision you will have to find out if other companions are real or fake. Here we leave you the list and which ones are true:

  • Labramon – Right
  • Floramon – Left
  • Syakomon – Left

We hope we have helped you. You may also be interested in how to download Guilmon in Digimon Survive. You can know the main guide on how to befriend more creatures in Digimon Survive, specifically befriending Biyomon, Gazimon, Numemon, Deltamon, and Angemon.

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