Batgirl test viewings weren't as bad as claimed, according to a new report

Batgirl test viewings weren’t as bad as claimed, according to a new report

Although it was already mainly aimed at financial reasons, it seems that the test viewings of Batgirl were not as bad as they said, so it would not have been the main reason for Warner to cancel the film that was practically finished.

A couple of days ago the alarms went off when the cancellation of Batgirl by Warner was confirmed, despite having the film practically finished.

Recently Warner Bros. released a statement saying the film simply didn’t fit in with the new direction the studio is taking with the DC Extended Universe movies.

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Post-cancellation reports suggested that Batgirl was considered a small-scale story that wasn’t fit for theaters, but was also too expensive for broadcast. hbo max.

While it seems that the main reason for Batgirl’s cancellation is money, it also it was commented that the test viewings of the DC movie were disastrousso much so that the studio considered its cancellation and not releasing Batgirl in theaters or on HBO Max, supposedly not to damage DC’s reputation.

However, a new report provided by The Hollywood Reporter I would disprove these rumours, stating that the test viewings of Batgirl weren’t as bad as originally reported.

Apparently, the studio did the test screening of Batgirl without full VFX work and with only part of her soundtrack. According to reports, the test obtained scores in the 60 points, which, although it was not a brilliant score, was also the same as that obtained in other films that later swelled a good box office.

On the other hand, it appears that Batgirl received the same test score as Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and yet there are no cancellation plans for that film, which appears to be going ahead with its theatrical release plans.

Taking into account that the sequel to Scooby!, which was scheduled for direct release on HBO Max and was also practically finished, has also been cancelled, It seems that the studio’s motives are more focused on their prioritization of theatrical distribution and how much they are willing to spend now on material for the streaming service..

What do you think that Warner canceled the Batgirl movie when it was practically finished? Tell us your impressions in our comments section.





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