All the solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 3 of Chapter 3

All the solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 3 of Chapter 3

Some of the featured missions of this week 9 invite us to obtain seeds of reality, plant or summon a sapling of reality or bounce on three different impact platforms without touching the ground, among others.

We fully enter the Fortnite season 3 week 9 challenges in chapter 3in some challenges that we can overcome to continue raising our level of the battle pass and getting each of the cosmetics.

Regarding this week 9 we have some outstanding challenges such as collecting reality seeds, planting reality saplings at a certain distance or bouncing on different impact platforms in the same game, among others.

So we help you overcome all the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 3 in chapter 3, so that you don’t choke on any of these challenges that you can practically overcome in a single afternoon.


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All the solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 3 of Chapter 3

This is the solution to the challenges of week 9:

Gain shield while gesturing

Perhaps one of the most complicated challenges of the week since we must first get the shield barrel, which is sold by some secondary characters on the map.

The shield barrel can be bought from characters such as the Imagined that is located in outpost number 5 in the western part of the map or from the Order that is in outpost number 4 in the southern part of the map as we indicate below:


Once we have bought this shield barrel, we use it, and while we do any gesture to overcome the challenge.

Deal damage to opponents while riding a wolf or boar (3)

A fairly simple challenge where we can go to find a wolf or a boar, which are in the meadow area of ​​the map, and once we are on the back of one of these animals, inflict damage on opponents.

Obtain Reality Seeds from Reality Seed Pods before they stop bouncing (3)

The reality seed pods are found in the western part of the map, both in the frozen zone and in the new zone added this season, and when we use our pickaxes on these pods, the different reality seeds will fly out. Well, we must collect them while they are in the air or continue to bounce on the ground to overcome the challenge.

Plant or summon a reality sapling within 30 gm of you.

We can use the challenge above, and use these reality seeds to plant 30m or more. To do this, he builds a ramp to the limit of the sky, and from above he launches the seed of reality to the ground so that it is planted, previously checking that it exceeds 30 m.

Search chests in Tilted Towers in a single match (3)

At the beginning of the game we launch directly into Tilted Floors, and we must open three chests to overcome the challenge.

Bounce off three different impact pads without touching the ground

To be able to do it we must find the object of the impact platforms, which come to us 3 units.

Once we have it, we place the three impact platforms on the ground and bounce on them towards each other to overcome the challenge.

Hold a Charge SMG at full charge for 3 seconds, then deal damage to an opponent

The hardest part is finding the Charge SMG, something you’ll be better able to do in a Teamfight since there’s a lot more loot, and when you have it you need to fully charge it for three seconds and deal damage to an opponent to pass the challenge.

As you can see, they are quite simple missions, although some may be more difficult to overcome, such as obtaining a shield while making a gesture.

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