A study reveals the date on which your Nintendo Switch will possibly “die”

A study reveals the date on which your Nintendo Switch will possibly “die”

It is likely that your Nintendo Switch purchased a few years ago already needs a battery change.

When we buy an electronic device, we hope that it works perfectly and that it also meets a fairly long life cycle to have amortized the investment, and when it comes to our favorite electronic devices such as game consoles, we want them to last for many years.

And it will not have been the first time that you have put a video console from previous generations simply to remember old times, but perhaps you have been disappointed that its battery no longer performed as well as in its beginnings.

And now an interesting article from Washington Post called “device graveyard”, they come basically to find the hidden expiration date of different popular devices, not only game consoles, but also other electronic devices such as headphones or tablets, among others.


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And when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, you may be very disappointed because according to the aforementioned medium they estimate that the console could die in three years after having acquired itreferring to the battery.

They say that the Nintendo Switch supports approximately 800 charge cycles to reach 80% capacity, and when it comes to changing the battery, Nintendo has not clearly answered whether this service provides it. In any case, there are tutorials on the Internet to change the battery manually by the user, although it is not easy.

Although the Nintendo Switch has been five and a half years since its original launch and the first consoles have been working almost like the first day, the truth is that in these first units the battery It already yields less and you will surely have to charge it more times because it lasts less than at the beginning.

Be that as it may, you should be aware that many of the electronic devices you have have an expiration date, some closer to a few years and others could reach and even exceed a decade. When making an investment of these characteristics, you should know if it will be profitable in the long run.

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