Vecna ​​actor explains how he created the voice of the Stranger Things villain

Vecna ​​actor explains how he created the voice of the Stranger Things villain

The actor who plays Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower, has explained what it was like to create the voice of the terrifying villain in season 4 of Stranger Things.

Aside from the cool Eddie, Stranger Things season 4 introduced us to another awesome character: neighborthe main villain of the series who is played by Jamie Campbell Bower.

We saw a while ago how complicated it was for the actor to get into Vecna’s skin. Literally, as the transformation into the Stranger Things villain takes Bower through several hours of prosthetics and makeup.

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But not only in the physical aspect, it was also somewhat difficult to find the perfect tone for the terrifying voice of Vecna ​​in the series Stranger Things.

In a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jamie Campbell Bower discussed her creative process behind the voice of Vecna. When asked by Fallon if he always knew what voice he would use for Vecna, Bower revealed that it actually took him “a few months” to figure it out.

The actor shared how initial voice tests sounded like horror villain Freddy Krueger, and took his time making her the final voice of Vecna ​​heard on screen, taking inspiration from Doug Bradley from Hellraiser.


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“It took me a few months to get it right, we had the full read in March 2020 and I had been doing a little bit of work on Vecna ​​and Henry. I just got the job in January so I had February to prepare.

We did the full read and I was there at the table reading with everyone, I sat behind Millie and I was doing the voice and it started in this kind of nasal area, more like Freddie Krueger and it just wasn’t coming through.

So I went home and worked on it and did a lot of reference work on Hellraiser and Doug Bradley, in particular, and I was like, you know, this deep voice coming out of the dark and I was like, ‘Yeah , noticeable’. I loved it, it was amazing. So I worked on that, and I’m a singer, so I relaxed, I relaxed my larynx,” Bower said. the process of creating the voice of Vecna.

What will happen to Vecna ​​in the final season of Stranger Things?

The end of Stranger Things 4 left Vecna ​​still alive and slowly fulfilling her goal of bringing the Upside Down World into the human world, beginning to open cracks in Hawkins.

With the script for Stranger Things just beginning, the Duffer brothers revealed some details about the Stranger Things endingLike the season would be shorter and focused on Hawkins.

For his part, Jamie Campbell Bower made his bets on the possible main objectives of Vecna ​​in Stranger Things 5 ​​highlighting, of course, Eleven.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s not over. There’s a lot more he needs to do. Eleven is still out there. She’s one of his main targets. Will says, ‘I can still feel it.’ I think there’s a connection there, and I would be interested to see if it is explored”, detailed the actor.

Although there is no confirmed release date yet, The final season of Stranger Things is expected to land on Netflix’s catalog sometime in 2024.. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best Netflix miniseries to watch in a weekend.





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