The growth of subscriptions to Switch Online has “moderated”, and Nintendo believes that it is due to this reason

The growth of subscriptions to Switch Online has "moderated", and Nintendo believes that it is due to this reason

In recent months there have been fewer subscriptions to Nintendo Switch Online than usual. Nintendo believes that it is due to this reason.

This morning, Nintendo has shared new financial results for the last quarter of the year. Despite 111 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been soldthere has been a 23% drop in sales.

Not great news for Nintendo. However, it must be recognized that it is due to logistical problems that, inevitably, also affect companies such as Sony or Microsoft.

In the report presented by the Japanese company, it is also observed slower growth (or slowdown) in Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions. In other words, fewer users than usual have signed up in recent months.


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This is on page 14 of the document. It is collected verbatim as follows: ”growth in membership has become more moderate”.

Why? Nintendo has argued this lower growth with the following statement. The company ensures that It is because there are more and more Nintendo Switch consoles in homes.

The fact that there are more consoles in homes means that users choose the family subscription to Switch Online. It means less subscriptions strictly speakingalthough really more people join the service.

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Another possibility is that several users share an account when subscribing to Switch Online. By selecting the family package, up to 10 users can subscribe to the service without having to share an address.

On the other hand, Nintendo assures that the results of Switch Online + Expansion Pack are more satisfactory. There are more and more users subscribed to the premium mode (which gives access to DLCs and Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games).

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It is a fact that in recent months there are more arguments to subscribe to the premium service. More games (with gems like Ocarina of Time), more bonus features, and access to expansions and DLCs.

Are you a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber? Do you think it is logical that fewer users have subscribed in the last quarter? Although it is not great news, the truth is that the Big N continues to sweep both its native Japan and the western market. And it seems that it will continue to be so.

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