The edition of tweets will be limited in time

dición de tweets estará limitada en el tiempo

After a few months without any news about the long-awaited tweet editing feature, It seems that Twitter has reactivated this function as a priority, it seems increasingly clear that in order to justify the rise in price of Twitter Blue announced just a few days ago. And it is that, even in the absence of official confirmation, it seems increasingly clear that this function will debut exclusively for these users. Something understandable as a business decision, but that surely will not do any good to ordinary users.

So, just yesterday we learned that the embedded tweets that are modified will warn of said circumstance. A success, because although it will not prevent malicious use, it will allow users to quickly distinguish that there has been a modification that substantially varies the original meaning of a tweet, or even has no relation to the original publication, some of the malicious uses that could be given to the modification of the tweets.

And today we receive another piece of good news in this regard, and that is that the social network will limit the time to make modifications to tweets. Specifically, as we can read in this tweet, Twitter will give a margin of 30 minutes from the publication for the message to be modified. After this period, as we can see in this other tweetthe user will see a message indicating that the time to edit it has expired and, therefore, they will not be able to make any changes.

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