Square Enix shares new details and images of Harvestella, the idyllic RPG exclusive to Switch on consoles

Square Enix shares new details and images of Harvestella, the idyllic RPG exclusive to Switch on consoles

Harvestella can be seen in new images: its towns, characters, activities such as fishing and the delicious delicacies that we can cook in this RPG for Nintendo Switch and PC, which comes out on November 4.

Square Enix has released new information and images of Harvestella that will make you lick your fingers. This all-new RPG was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, and will be released on November 4 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Via their website have published new information about this mix of life simulator, including farms, and action RPG. Part of the time you will spend exploring dungeons and fighting monstersupgrading your weapons and jobs.

The other part of the time will be spent farming, fishing or socializing with the townspeople, improving your relationship with residents, recruiting them into your teamwhile the seasons go by, and with it changes the harvest and the way of maintaining the crops.

In these images we can see details such as the town of Nemeathe town of Spring, where flowers bloom all year round thanks to a magical crystal that controls the seasons and makes it always spring.

But one day, monsters start coming out and attacking the residents. It is in this town where we will meet characters like istinathe teacher who teaches the children of the orphanage.

Square has also talked about Fishing, one of the most relaxing activities in the game. We can fish in streams in town or in other bodies of water, each with different types of fish.

Finally, they have shared delicious images of the vegetables, fruits and vegetables that we will be able to grow, such as tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers or fresh… and then the dishes that we can cook: Bolognese from Nemea! Peach mousse! Cucumber with mushrooms! Strawberry Shortcake!

How do you look? Harvestella is a mix of genres reminiscent of Rune Factory (itself a spin-off of Story of Seasons), which will delight JRPG fans with deep and relaxing life simulation mechanics. It could be quite a surprise and it comes out on November 4th on Switch and Steam!

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