Meet Your Maker is the latest from the creators of Dead by Daylight, a first-person shooter… in which you build the levels

Meet Your Maker is the latest from the creators of Dead by Daylight, a first-person shooter... in which you build the levels

The creators of Dead by Daylight announce Meet your Maker for PC and consoles in 2023. It’s a clever asynchronous multiplayer that mixes first-person shooter with level building and mazes that other players then infiltrate. There will be a playtest on August 23 on Steam.

BehaviorInteractivethe Canadian studio behind the hit asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, celebrates 30 years by announcing multiple games on the stream Behavior Beyondwhose main title is Meet Your Makera first-person shooter with an original online mode.

This game will be released in 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam).

The gameplay is a violent first person shooter, fighting monsters in industrial facilities like in DOOM. But that will be only one part of the experience, the other is to design labyrinthine fortifications and fill them with traps and enemies.


Meet Your Maker – Trailer

The objective of this post-apocalyptic game is to protect the Chimera, a living experiment that may be the last hope to save the Earth. As a creator, you must use a first person editor in which you place the path to the outside like a labyrinth full of traps.

you can also choose the spawn of the enemies and define your patrols with an innovative AI recording system. You can do this whole process with another friend in multiplayer.

Meet Your Maker

As a raider, you must get into the mazes created by other players choosing a role (melee, ranged or defensive), and as if it were an improvised roguelike, go little by little, reconnoitering the path and surviving to reach the goal and destroy the Chimera.

You can also play this part in cooperative mode (maximum two players), trying out different strategies and earning more weapons, suits, guards, and traps.

This original mix of asynchronous multiplayer has a social component where we can give praise to the levels that we liked.

Meet Your Maker will be out in 2023but there will be a closed playtest on August 23 on Steam: here you can sign up.

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