Disney songs crank up to an R rating in this hilarious parody

Disney songs crank up to an R rating in this hilarious parody

Foul language finds its way into Disney songs as a parody of the recent additions of R-rated movies to its streaming service.

when talking about Disney, it is a universal perception that our mind assumes that we are going to focus on familiar content. The House of the Mouse has been characterized during its almost 100 years of history by its “Family Friendly” movies and series.

This is something that transcended from first to Disney Plusits streaming service that came into operation in 2019. Despite the fact that in Spain, and other countries, Disney Plus has its “expansion for adults” with Star+In the United States, R-rated content never made it to the platform.

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That has changed this 2022 with the addition of series like Daredevil or The Punisher and movies like Deadpool. The decision caused quite a stir in the North American country, especially among parent associations who want Disney Plus to maintain its family court.

The controversy has been enough for The Late Showthe show hosted by Stephen Colbert, has done a hilarious “infomercial” parody of how Disney is replacing some of its most iconic songs with adult versions.

Foul language makes its way to movies like Frozen: The Kingdom of Ice or Aladdin, where we have references with sexual connotations in two of their most iconic songs.

Especially hilarious is the parody of the “There is a friend in me“, from Toy Story. A replacement vocalist for Randy Newman twists the song in the video so that our 90s nostalgia is shattered.

Despite the notable controversies, Disney Plus implemented improvements in the parental control of the platform so that the content focused on a more adult audience was not available to the smallest of the house.

The system is, basically, the same that they had already tested in international territories after the arrival of Star +. What do you think of these “green” versions of classic Disney songs?





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