Dead by Daylight announces a new Resident Evil crossover with Ada Wong, Rebecca and Wesker

Dead by Daylight announces a new Resident Evil crossover with Ada Wong, Rebecca and Wesker

Project W is the next crossover of Dead by Daylight with Resident Evil, which will add Albert Wesker as a monster and Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as survivors.

Dead by Daylight is the most successful asymmetric multiplayer game, and Behavior Interactive alternates story updates with its original (and groundbreaking) characters with other crossovers based on horror films or sagas, such as Resident Evil.

This isn’t the first time Dead by Daylight has had a crossover with Resident Evil. Last year Nemesis was introduced as a villain and Jill Valentine and Leon S Kennedy were playable characters.

Today in the broadcast Behavior Beyondin which they celebrated 30 years, have announced the next chapter of Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil: Project W, with Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as characters. It will come out this year, but there is no date.


Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil: Project W

Albert Wesker, the most charismatic villain of the saga, will be a new monster, using his monstrous powers to be infected with the Uroboros virus, which he will use to chase and trap his victims, breaking through the barricades you build.

Ada Wong (from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4) and Rebecca Chambers (from Resident Evil Zero) are the new characters, each with new abilities, and the map will be the same, the cRaccoon City Ombudsman, albeit with some changes.

We can buy this DLC separately (it should cost around 10 euros) or in a bundle with the first Resident Evil pack, with Nemesis, Jill and Leon.

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Recently, Behavior Interactive released a bunch of character skins based on the Attack on Titan anime. They are not new characters, but aspects that transform the characters in the game into Eren, Mikasa or Levi.

Today Behavior Interactive also unveiled a brand new game, Meet Your Maker, an asynchronous multiplayer original for PC and consoles coming out in 2023 where we shoot like DOOM…and build mazes like Minecraft.

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