Batgirl: Year One Writer Breaks His Silence Following Warner Movie’s Cancellation

Batgirl: Year One Writer Breaks His Silence Following Warner Movie's Cancellation

After the cancellation of the Leslie Grace movie, the writer of the Batgirl: Year One comic has responded by breaking his silence and offering his opinion to the public.

The batgirl fans We woke up this morning with terrible news. The Warner Bros. Pictures film which was going to premiere in hbo max has been archived by the studio. It will not be released in theaters or on the streaming platform. Her story now becomes a kind of legend, waiting to be recovered or not.

This news has surprised the vast majority of DC Extended Universe lovers. It seems that the DC Comics Cinematic Universe you’re going to get some sort of update. A review of your next steps. Everything comes after Warner Media merger with Discovery. Seen what has been seen, new times are approaching on the horizon.

However, not only fans have been surprised by the news. Also some creators of dc comics have responded to the ad batgirl cancellation. This is the case of Scott Beatty, who co-wrote the batgirl comic: year one. A comic that could have inspired the script of the movie canceled by Warner Bros.

Through his personal blog, he has released the following statement

“Since production began in Glasgow, Scotland last year, I have been following news and rumors surrounding the film. Mainly because star Leslie Grace quoted Batgirl: Year One on social media when they unveiled the character’s official costume in the movie.”

“The photos on the set hinted that the film was based on Batgirl: Year One. At least, thematically speaking, in some important plot points. Since those revelations, it seemed like the movie had liberally borrowed every aspect of the comics, including Batgirl: Year One and the New 52 version.”

“According to today’s bombshell, the film has been shelved completely. This makes little sense for a $90 million project that was done and finished. Shelving an entire job, still in post-production and with no creative issues, seems like a pretty expensive write-off.”

“Variety’s speculation about the real reason the movie is being canceled makes even less sense. But to be honest, I’m not a Hollywood executive. So the whole tax issue seems as legitimate as anything else.”

“While I am disappointed not to see a tribute to Batgirl: Year One on the big screen, I am reminded that this is not the first time that Warner Bros. has produced a project related to this DC Comics character.”

“Years ago, animation director Lauren Montgomery worked with Bruce Timm to make an animated adaptation of Batgirl: Year One. But the lackluster performance of the Wonder Woman animated feature prevented this animated adaptation from ever getting the green light.”

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