An Overwatch 2 survey asks if you’d be willing to pay $45 for a Mythic skin among other cosmetic items

An Overwatch 2 survey asks if you'd be willing to pay $45 for a Mythic skin among other cosmetic items

Would you buy a skin for $45? An Overwatch 2 poll has asked this and fans haven’t taken it well at all.

Business models within video games have been changing over time. First, a complete game was sold at a certain price. Then came the DLC that expanded that content in exchange for some money.

And then, microtransactions were added. These have been successful in certain markets and in different genres, especially within multiplayer games. However, they have also drawn the ire of many players.

The micropayment market is currently divided, although little by little we are leaving behind the issue of the loot boxes, which was the most criticized aspect. Overwatch 2 is one of those games that will no longer have loot boxes.


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Although that does not mean that we will not see other types of microtransactions, the battle passes have already been confirmed and also all kinds of cosmetic elements such as skinssome of which are generating controversy.

And it is that, the Overwatch community has echoed a survey that has sparked disbelief among many. The mythical skins could become very expensive yes.

A player named @Portergauge shared an Overwatch 2 poll asking how he would view paying up to $44.99 for a Mythic skin. This, obviously, has not pleased the community at all, despite the fact that it is only a survey.

In addition, other questions pointed out that a legendary skin could have a guide price of $24.99 or a cosmetic pack with emote, character intro and souvenir $19.99.

Even with that, some users argued about the value of these new skins that will come with the sequel, although in general it has had a negative reception among those surveyed.

Some people think that in the event that the aspect visually changes the game or the animations of the character, it could be worth it. What do you think about this matter?

Of course, these OW2 prices are not confirmed and they are only treated as hypothetical, since everything is part of a survey. We will have to wait to know Blizzard’s decision in this regard.

Have you been able to play the betas of the game? Remember that Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 in early access and for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more about the game, here are our impressions of the last test.

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