The best Stray mod transforms the kitten into the Spyro dragon

The best Stray mod transforms the kitten into the Spyro dragon

This is the best Stray mod, which transforms the kitten from Annapurna into the dragon Spyro, the most famous quadruped video game protagonist.

Stray is still one of the favorite games for modders, who have a blast turning the kitten from this Annapurna adventure into the cats from Sailor Moon, Garfield or CJ from GTA San Andreas.

But among the best Stray mods we have to highlight without a doubt this mod created by MrMarco1003, which takes advantage of the fact that Stray have a little usual quadruped protagonist for recover the mythical dragon Spyro.

Stray Spyro

This dragon was created by Insomniac Games in a PlayStation game in 1998, and since then has starred in more than a dozen platform and adventure games on all platforms, the latest being the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remake.

There haven’t been any new original Spyro games in over ten years, but this mod lets you imagine Stray as a Spyro game (although he doesn’t fly or breathe fire, since he’s actually a kitten).

In the nexus mod page you can download the mod and install it from your computer, to play Stray with Spyro.

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However, other Stray mods are even more curious. There’s a mod that turns the cat into a puppy, in case you’re a dog person. Another mod even allows you to bring your own cat into the game, thanks to a modder who is overloaded with assignments.

Stray is a highly realistic third-person cat exploration and environmental puzzle adventure, and it has won over players on Steam, sweeping up positive reviews. Many fans are so dedicated that they have deciphered the language of the world of Stray.

Stray is out now on PC (where you can install mods) and PS4/PS5 (where you can play it for free from PS Plus). If you have already played it, here we explain where to find all the Stray memories, where all the music scores are, how to get the nuclear battery or how to find the secret laboratory in Seamus’s house.





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