Netflix adds three new games to its catalog in July

netflix juegos

We continue talking about games, and the great N of VOD also has that. As you already know if you are interested in the subject, the company is for the work of producing games, in addition to the typical audiovisual contentand little by little it is filling its catalog with new titles with which to spice up the experience of the most restless user.

What was predicted to be a stand-alone game subscription service of some sort has finally become an extra for Netflix users, though the company has plans with games that go beyond serving as snacks. Meanwhile, however, they are what they are and nothing more.

Thus, Netflix began its adventure in this field by bringing together the games that third parties had produced around series such as stranger things and that until then could be obtained free or paying, depending on the title. But it didn’t take long for them to start buying developers, starting with those responsible for the aforementioned titles and following others.

In Spain, the first five Netflix games were made available to its users at the end of last year. Already in 2022, the company announced the addition of three new games to its catalog, as well as the acquisition of a new development studio.

To all this, it is necessary to point out something important: Netflix games are only for mobile, Android and iOS, and are only available to subscribers of the platformyes, totally free.

Well, little by little, new games are coming out and this month of July, which we are about to say goodbye to, has been one of the most prolific so far this year, with another three new games being added to the existing offer . As on previous occasions, they are not news, but purchases of games that were available, even on other platforms, with which Netflix has been made at the stroke of a checkbook.

Into the Breach

The first is Into the Breacha strategy game that has already passed for almost all the platforms on the market, but that definitely settles in the mobile segment thanks to Netflix.

Before Your Eyes

More recent in every way is Before Your Eyesan adventure game whose original journey on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) ends, once again, in the mobile segment.

Mahjong Solitaire

Lastly… Mahjong Solitaire. There is no comment on this. Even so, beware, it is possibly the most entertaining of the three.

Remember that to play you must have the netflix app installed and be identified in it, since before you start playing, you have to choose the profile with which you are going to do it.

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