Marvel reveals the moment before the X-Men suffer a new mutant massacre

Marvel reveals the moment before the X-Men suffer a new mutant massacre

The genocide of the X-Men in Arakko, caused by Thanos’ great-uncle, has now been shown from the point of view prior to the brutal attack of Uranus the Immortal.

The first annual gala of the Hellfire Club—not to be confused with the stranger things— ended with the X-Men transforming the planet Mars into Arakko. The x-men red comics have followed the adventures of Storm, Cable, Magneto and other characters as they work actively and politically around the Milky Way.

Unfortunately, Arakko is in the middle of the brutal war between the Avengers, the Eternals and the X-Men what is taking place in AX: Judgment Daythe new crossover event in marvel comics. As we told the other day, Uranus the Immortal, Thanos’ great-unclewas sent by Druig to finish off the mutants.

His destruction was capital. An entire planet of mutants was wiped out by the force and power of Uranus in a matter of seconds. We readers only saw the consequences of the passage of Great-Uncle of Thanos by the Marvel Universe. However, now the preview of number 5 of X-Men Red has revealed the moments leading up to that massacre.

X-Men Red 5 Cover
X-Men Red Scene 5X-Men Red Scene 5
Vignette from X-Men Red 5Vignette from X-Men Red 5

number 5 of X-Men Redorchestrated by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli, is the countdown before Uranus the Immortal carries out the mutant genocide on arakko. The Great Ring meets to discuss military strategy against the Eternals. However, a blue flash distracts them. It is probably the arrival of the marvel villain to Arakko.

The narrative need to destroy Arakko as soon as possible

The AX: Judgment Day writer Kieron Gillen, explained a few weeks ago how the decision was made for Arakko to be extinguished at the start of the battle. “The special prologue to Eve of Judgment was a story of the Eternals, but there was a logical question to answer.”

Why don’t the Eternals do the obvious? If you’re trying to take down mutants, why fight them? The Eternals are much smarter than all that. For this reason, Eve of Judgment eliminates the first objective that was on the table at the first chance.

“The question then is… If one were to make a surprise attack against mutants, what would be the relatively sensible way to do it? Moira and Druig reply that in this conflict, Krakoa is not a problem, but Arakko is. Therefore, the attack takes place there,” the screenwriter continued.

“The idea is to remove them from the conflict as soon as possible. The first two issues of AX: Judgment Day are the first act of the story. They detail the war between the Eternals and the X-Men. When I proposed what I wanted to do, the size of the devastation on Arakko was up in the air. But we had to get Arakko out of the conflict early on.”

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