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They use a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade, lined with barbed wire, to surreally end a wrestling match

We never imagined that the Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts’ signature weapon) would show up in an indie wrestling match. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

It is increasingly common for video games to transcend our daily lives. This includes not only fun references (like the Modern Warfare 2 teabag), but also items and even weapons.

Final Fantasy’s Mortal Sword is a great example, but it’s not the only one. If we talk about objects that speak for themselves, Kingdom Hearts Keyblade takes all the honours. Anyone who sees this item automatically links it to Square Enix’s JRPG series.

Thanks to its unique design, the Keyblade has become an icon of pop culture. We are looking forward to seeing what Kingdom Hearts IV offers us, the new installment of the saga that is in development.


Official announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV along with other projects in the saga

Can you imagine that the Keyblade was real? It’s hard to believe, but as we told you above, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. And surely a blow from this weapon hurts more than you think.

Just ask this wrestling fighter, who was hit with a brutal version of the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. To add insult to injury, the gun was covered in barbed wire.

Away from the great media focuses (WWE, for example), the combats of Prestige Wrestling They are tremendously popular on social media. It is an indie wrestling tournament, in which different fighters fight each other… with really peculiar objects.

We could say that ”anything” goes in Prestige Wrestling’s indie matches. In this tweet you can see how a female fighter wields a Keyblade lined with barbed wire.

Here you can see a fragment of the fight with the Keyblade:

Obviously there are some differences with the original design from Kingdom Hearts. The weapon is completely silver, and is covered in barbed wire to increase its destructive potential.

The fighter begins to hit her rival with the Keyblade. If taking a hit from this mallet must already be painful, imagine if we add the barbed wire. Not even Sora could do better.

Details of everyday objects that are surprisingly not used for what you think

Car dashboardCar dashboard

The funniest thing is that fans find similarities between Kratos and the fighter who receives these blows. The responses to the tweet are marked by black humor, with comments such as ”This is the power of friendship” either ”It’s a fun idea”.

Kingdom Hearts may be a friendlier and more colorful saga than the Prestige Wrestling rings, but they already have something in common: the keyblade. We wonder if Sora will one day wield his barbed wire-clad sword. Will Square Enix dare?





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