Stray's latest mod wacko turns the feline protagonist into Sailor Moon's cats Luna, Artemis and Diana

Stray’s latest mod wacko turns the feline protagonist into Sailor Moon’s cats Luna, Artemis and Diana

If you are a fan of Sailor Moon, you will be happy to know that you can replace the main cat with the cats from the anime: this is what Luna, Artemis and Diana look like.

Stray the kitty game is one of the biggest hits of 2022. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and edited by annapurna, Stray has conquered us with its original proposal on PS5, PS4 and PC. In fact, it has become Annapurna’s biggest hit on Steam.

Thousands of kittens watch nonstop (hypnotized) as Stray is played, and it is not for less. If we add to this that the PC version supports mods, the possibilities multiply.

A modder accepts assignments to replace the protagonist of Stray with your kitten. You can also turn him into a pug, or even a four-legged CJ that GTA fans will love.


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However, there is a mod that is causing a stir in Nexus Mods, and we are going to talk about it next. This is a mod for Stray based on the popular anime Sailor Moon.

Although we like the crawly protagonist of Stray, this mod is a real wonder for fans and non-fans of Sailor Moon. It is the work of modders ILikeDetectives and SkylightGlare.

Basically, this great mod replaces the feline protagonist of Stray with the three cats from the anime Sailor Moon. That is Diana, Artemis and Luna are available in the adventure of BlueTwelve and Annapurna.


Sailor Moon fans will recognize each and every detail from the anime. Luna, Artemis and Diana’s designs They are traced to those of the serieswith the lunar symbols and the characteristic eyes of each one.

For example, Luna shows off her beautiful red eyes and the lunar mark on her head, the same case as Artemis and her beautiful blue eyes. Little Diana is also very similar to the original model.

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You may download this Sailor Moon mod for Stray on Nexus Mods. Just you must add the files of this content in the main directory where you have installed the game, and restart it. Remember that it is only one of the many mods available for the title.

Stray is available from July 19 in PS5, PS4 and PC. You can also enjoy this feline adventure if you are subscribed to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on Sony consoles, of course at no additional cost and from the day of launch.





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