Dragon Age producer founds Skeleton Key, the new Wizards of the Coast studio already working on a horror game

Dragon Age producer founds Skeleton Key, the new Wizards of the Coast studio already working on a horror game

Wizards of the Coast opens new Skeleton Key studio based in Austin, Texas. Industry veteran Christian Dailey is named head of studio and vice president of the developer.

The Wizards of the Coast company has announced that it has a new video game studio. Is named Skeleton Key and the Dragon Age producer is its founder.

The developer is apparently already working on a new horror game about which nothing is known yet, information that they handle from GamesIndustry.biz.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas the newly founded new gaming company is going to stay focused on create AAA games for consoles and PC.


New look at Dragon Age 4 at Gamescom

The new company joins the long list of other studios that make up the conglomerate of Wizards of the Coast in North America, along with others such as Archetype Entertainment, Atomic Arcade and Tuque Games.

Added to this, it has been announced that Christian Dailey is within Wizards of the Coast to fulfill functions such as head of studio and vice president of the developer of Skeleton Key.

Throughout his more than 20-year career in the gaming industry, he has held leadership roles in companies such as Electronic Arts and Blizzard Entertainment.

We are thrilled to continue to build our roster of exceptionally talented digital gaming leaders and welcome Christian to the team.“.

These are words of president of Wizards of the Coast and from digital games, Cynthia Williams.

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While in Dragon Age they are still in production of the new game of the sagaDragon Age 4. Which from now on will be Dragon Age Dreadwolf is the final name of the fourth installment.

BioWare itself recently updated the development status of the new games it has on the way, such as Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect.

Of course, and in any case, Dragon Age 4 has no “chances” of launching in 2022 indicated a new rumor.

The new studio Skeleton Key They still have a long way to go, but know that at the moment no details of what they are preparing or what they have in mind are known.

We would have to wait until at least next year 2023 to see details about it. There may be allusions to his work, but everything remains to be seen.

What will it bring Skeleton Key as part of Wizards of the Coast? We’ll see, though the former Dragon Age 4 producer talks about “the magic of Bioware.”

But nothing good for many, since Mark Darrah then related it to the crunch.





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