Summer without stress in Fortnite: Where to find the bells to melt them

Summer without stress in Fortnite: Where to find the bells to melt them

This is the location of all the bells that you can burn in this summer mission without stress in Fortnite.

Fortnite is used to launching different challenges or missions related to agreements that are arriving with external companies, something that the user community can benefit from to obtain bonuses, free skins or even more experience, and now we have active summer events without overwhelmed

Among the most interesting challenges in summer without stress in Fortnite season 3 of chapter 3 we are invited to interact with a series of bells until they melt.

So in the guide we tell you where are the bells to melt in Fortnite season 3 to overcome this summer challenge without stress.


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Summer without stress in Fortnite: Where to find the bells to melt them

The mission is as simple as going to any location, whether it has a name or an emblematic place, going to a house that has a particular doorbell, and then interacting with it several consecutive times until it melts. We would have to do it in three different timbres.

There are many locations that we can access, and basically it would be accessing places like Caserío Cholesterol or Cruce Creamoso, among others.

  • For example, in Caserío Cholesterol we advise you to go to the blue house with two floors that is near the center of the area or to a house that you can find in the northeast corner and that is yellow, both with doorbells that can be melted.
  • Or you can stop by Creamy Junction where there are two houses right in the northeast section that have doorbells that can be burned.

The main problem with this is that if another player comes before and burns it, we won’t be able to do the same, so instead you can also go to these emblematic places where there is a house where they can burn your doorbell:

  • You can go to the emblematic place of “magnificent mansion” that you have located northeast of Aserradero Brotante where you obviously have a bell at the main entrance.
  • You can also go to “stagnant pond” where you can find a hut with a doorbell. This location is located just east of Tilted Floors.

You can go to these locations that we recommend or to any other where there are bells.

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