Stray's language has already been cracked by a user

Stray’s language has already been cracked by a user

They manage to decipher the particular and unknown language that Stray has on PS4, PS5 and PC. Now you can know what the curious phrases in the game mean.

The language that Stray has in PS4, PS5 and PC It has already been decrypted by a clever user. Now every time we play we can find out whatever their phrases say.

The cute cat game may only have been out for a week, but someone has decided it’s about time we learned about the strange language of game by BlueTwelve Studio.

This language as they say in uses a substitution cipher to make the world of Stray even more cryptic and mysterious.


stray impressions

In essence, a substitution cipher is used to encrypt a text by exchanging each letter or symbol within that text with a different symbol, which can then be decrypted with a key.

And now Josh Wirtanen from HalfGlassGaming has achieved this feat in as it says “I have fully deciphered Stray’s code language; this is a guide to decipher it“.

Wirtanen himself has shared the way for us to do the same. In this article we are going to leave some images of the game with the language of Stray, like this one that is a little further down.

However, in Stray’s analysis, everything is more complete and detailed. In addition to that you can read a final assessment of the game and what we think of this feline adventure.

According to Wirtanen, the first big phrase is "PEACE" - The second is translated by the game

From here, what has been enough has been to take a closer look at the rest of the visual elements in the world, including the music scores.

Here we leave you where are all the music scores in Stray and the places to find all the memories in Stray.

With all this information, Wirtanen has been able to create a key to the alphabet and decipher Stray’s language. In HalfGlassGaming the image is placed with each letter assigned to a specific one.

The author of this himself has said that using this code has helped him bring the stray world. Although he himself has assured that sometimes the translations can seem a bit strange and make almost no sense.

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Although in others they do have it more -like the one we have left you before- and in some newspaper that can be seen in the game.

In Eurogamer they highlight the translation for a bag that reads: “best bag“, because everyone needs one of those to buy or carry things from one place to another.

If you are going to translate texts from the game, keep in mind that some of them have to be done while they are rotated. Remember that Annapurna will hold a games event this Thursday at 9:00 p.m. Spanish time.





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